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[#1 - Water, Final Fantasy 9 - Zidane Tribal, General Series] - 30 Beverages: A Writing Themed Community [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[#1 - Water, Final Fantasy 9 - Zidane Tribal, General Series] [Apr. 14th, 2007|05:14 pm]
30 Beverages: A Writing Themed Community


Title: Rushed Thought
Fandom: Final Fantasy 9
Characters: Zidane Tribal, and a cameo appearence by Freya Crescent
Claim: Final Fantasy 9 General Series
Prompt: #1, Water
Word Count: 986
Rating: PG
Warning : One bad word
Summary : There’s no time to enjoy a cool beverage in the middle of a battle, but you can not go forever.

Rushed Thought

There was a swift displacement of air as twin pinchers nearly had his head resting in the sand. The heat was blistering, making his long blond hair stick to the back of his neck and his rat-tail to plaster to the left side of his mid-back. Running full out while trying not to die was never a fun idea, and the sand nearly slowed him down to a crawl. Squinting his greenish-blue eyes, he gazed backward just in time to once again avoid the pinchers. What made him think that Cleyra would have a clue about his past? Was it the fact that the species residing there had a rumor of having tales the same as him?


Though right now Zidane was happy to have his unusual tail that furred like the monkey-like creatures he had seen in zoos long since past. It was the only thing keeping his balance from his urgent dash across the small desert that was to surround Cleyra. Pushing his head forward he angled his body to cut headwinds and twisted his tale to the right. Letting his body followed the gravitational pull, he spun out of the front of the beast and ended up beside it. Panting, as the heat and running was draining on his reserves, he laid a glove hand on his belt pouch. Dusting fingers brushed his canteen and he let a small smile fall as his other hand grabbed one of his twin knives.

Lifting the canteen out of his pouch while leaping toward the side of the beast’s furred body he scored a long gash on it’s side. Slowing it down and making stumble gave Zidane just enough time to lift the canteen to his lips for a rejuvenating sip. Well, that was his thoughts, but as no water escaped the narrow hole, he felt fatigue hit him.

Zidane never claimed to like the heat, and he definitely did not appreciate the desert in its glory. Being thirsty drained his reserves faster then he would like, and the beast was shaking off his inflicted wound like a fly. Finding a kamikaze attack was his only option and the moment, he sprung forward, directly toward the beast’s skull. In the same second, he latched his canteen back in the pouch and pulled his other knife out. Twirling them around to gain more of a impact, he slammed them both in the beast’s skull and flipped over its back.

Said monster jerked its head, and stumbled before glaring with glazed yellow eyes at Zidane. His only thought was he was screwed as the beast used his pinchers to snap the knives currently inserted in its head. If he knew a prayer he would have offered them, but sadly to say that was not the case.

Then his sharp ears caught the sound of clothing being ruffled in a high wind. Followed by a sound of something popping off the sand, tilting his head a little he saw a patch of fading red leap into the sky. His moment of inattention was being rectified as the fowl breath enveloped him. Though his eyes tracked something coming down from the sky. Zidane was rewarded with a spear splitting the beast’s head open, and a brown object being hurled toward him.

His sharp reflexes caught said object and was rewarded by the weight of a full canteen. Popping the stopper, he enjoyed the crisp liquid slide down his throat as he glanced at his impromptu savior. Well, she, as his savior was a female, was grey-furred and to be honest look like she had giant rat in her family. Clothed in the soft red leather of a dragoon knight, not to mention the shape of the helmet had him nodding to his own observation. A flick had his eyes catching a thin tail with a small point had him smiling slightly.

"Foolish, what type of warrior are you?" His savior inquired.

"Well, I’m a thief, master thief if you please." He returned jovially. His savior did not find his statement to be good humor if her glare was any indication.

"Well, what brought you out here?" She snapped.

"I was heading toward Cleyra, they say there is long-tailed creatures like myself." Zidane answered.

"Hardly, not like you could reach the town anyway, but the rumors are a bit off." She answered with a toss of her head, as if she has heard this before. Raising an eyebrow, he implored her to continue with her statement. "The tailed folk, to which I belong, reside in Burmecia, and none look like you." She informed him.

"Well Damn." Zidane offered lightly. Then glancing at the beast, he mourned the lost of his favorite knives. "Thanks anyway." He added as an afterthought.

"No problem, but I’m surprised you ran into an Antlion here." She commented.

"Why?"Since Zidane was curious about new things.

"Well, they hardly ever show up near the lip of the desert." She mused.

"Say what?" Zidane coughed out in surprise, he followed her pointing finger to where he thought vast amounts of sand should be. Sure enough, he was only a few meters into the desert. Groaning, he flicked a glance at his savior, and gave her a belligerent nod. "Well, I’ll be seeing you..?" His voice trailed off implying he wished to know her name.

"Freya." And with that she leapt skyward disappearing in the glare of the sun. Sighing, he trudged back to the exit of the desert, and sighed. Well, that was a bust, and glancing at the green land, he withheld another groan at his stupidity. Taking another gulp from the water canteen, he sighed and poured some on the back of his neck. He couldn’t believe that he had been running in circles!